We hold ourselves to a standard that's higher than anyone else in the industry. Put us to the test and you'll see.


  These lessons are designed for groups of individuals that have the same calibre of enthusiasm to work together as a team to strive for success... 

Music classes can be in a school setting or in our studios.... Groups of 3-13 students who play similar instruments....

Simply put, our mission is devoted to you--making the most of your musical talent and helping you achieve your goals.

Our Mission

One-on-one, superb qualified instruction..

   Each and every one of us learns in our own way and benefits from individual training specific to our needs. Before we teach you anything, we get to know you and assess your needs. We provide one-on-one training which is more productive and will generate greater success, giving you the best value for your lesson.

One On One Intrusction

We love music and people!


    Our instructors are experienced at turning musicians into magicians and instilling life skills... We have over 40 years proven teaching experience combining skills and technique.

    Our success is based on the fact that not only are we superb teachers, we are also gifted at our craft. We are passionate and love what we do.  Let us make you smile too!

About Us

Experienced Instruction

​​We're Inspired By Passion And Teach Music From The Heart!

The highest integrity

Group Sessions

Hello... My name is Derek Meilleur and I've been playing music and musical instruments since I was 7 years old. Growing up as a youngster, I was offered a spectacular opportunity to work along with my father in his music store. New instruments were brought in all the time and I was offered many opportunities to play different types of instruments. I was able to take my natural ability and gift of music and play almost any instrument. My father taught me music and nudged me in the direction I've taken to this day. My father is my hero. He has been a musician for over 6 decades. He is now 80 years young and still teaches music to this day. I believe that music is the soul and grounding from which life stems. I have been teaching music with a vast variety of instruments now for almost 5 decades myself. A smile is what I love to put on others and I would love to include you in our family at A String Music Academy.

Book an appointment to talk to us any time.  We love to discuss what musical training you've already had and your goals--whether they're to turn pro or just enjoy music for the rest of your life. 

Learn A  Variety Of Instruments

Academy Of Music

It's always about you

We are dedicated professional instructors and musicians who combine a love of music with a desire to help others who want to achieve their highest musical potential. That passion shows in all we do! 


 A few of the courses we offer at A String Music include: guitar, bass, mandolin, banjo, fiddle, keyboard, piano, vocals, drums, percussion and MIDI/computer recording.